Harvest Baptist Church

"The Lighthouse of Pasco County"

2005-A Great Harvest in India!!!

By Dr. Roger A Milot 

For several years, Dan Cash, a layman businessman from Orlando, Florida, has been funding excursions to India, with the purpose of winning the Indian people to Christ and motivating them to reach their own people. This year, it was a great joy for me to go with Bro. Cash, along with Pastor Michael Watkins, who pastors the Lighthouse Baptist Church in Eustis, Florida.

Our trip began by boarding a plane in Orlando, Florida, the evening of March the sixth and heading to London, England. After spending a day in London sightseeing on the seventh (including Spurgeon’s Metropolitan Tabernacle), we boarded a plane the following morning and headed to the Chennai Airport in the southeastern part of India (but not before having passed tracts and witnessing to a few Englanders - praise God I was able, by the grace of God, to lead a cab driver named Leon to the LORD).

Upon arriving in Chennai, we spent a few hours resting in the home of Kotey (the man who picked us up at the airport) and then hopped on a train for a five hour trip to Vijayawada where we stayed in a gorgeous motel on Bhavani Island. There is a 10 1/2 hour difference between Florida and India, so according to India time we arrived in Vijayawada on the ninth. The evening of the ninth we preached, with the help of interpreters, in an open-air meeting in the nearby city of Ponnur. Pastor Watkins, and then I, preached to a crowd of over one thousand people and at the invitation 30 came forward receiving Christ as their personal Saviour!

On the afternoon of the tenth we went into a little thatched-roof hut village in Putrella and preached to about a hundred people. Ten came forward and trusted Jesus to save them!

That evening we preached in the open air again in Ponnur to about the same number (1000 +) as the night before. I preached first, then Pastor Watkins, and 17 more came forward at the invitation time to accept Christ! After the meeting many begged to extend the meetings for a couple more nights, but we were already scheduled to preach in Visakhapatnam.

The next day, Friday the 11th, we headed to the city of Visakhapatnam to preach open-air meetings there on the evenings of Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The attendance on Friday night was about 1300. Bro. Watkins preached first, then I, and 29 came forward during the invitation to put their faith in Jesus as their personal Saviour! Praise God!

The following morning (Saturday the 12th), I had the opportunity to preach to the Christians at Carmel Baptist Church. That evening it was back to to the open air with Pastor Watkins preaching first to a crowd of about 1500 plus,  then Pastor P. Mathew Henry of City Baptist Tabernacle in Kakinada, India (the human mastermind, who, with the help of God, put all of these meetings together) preaching, and a great harvest of 70 souls came forward to trust Christ!  What a great night it was!

The next day, Sunday the 13th, in the morning and afternoon, Pastor Watkins and I each preached in two local Independent Baptist churches (total of 4 churches). In one of the churches Pastor Watkins preached six came forward to receive Christ! Amen!

The final open-air meeting took place that night. An estimated 1800 plus people showed up! Pastor Steven Batla, an Indian national pastor, preached the first sermon. I then preached the message "Hell on the Cross" and when the invitation came 85 precious souls came forward to receive Jesus Christ as their Saviour! It was a wonderful night of rejoicing! (It was mentioned that throughout these meetings that many more may have trusted Christ, but due to the fear of persecution did not make it public).

Our final meeting overall was in one of the local churches, Bethel Baptist Church, on Monday night the fourteenth. I preached first, and then Bro. Watkins. It was a sweet night of rejoicing and exhortation. After the service we went to the home of one of the local pastors (Pastor Jesudas) and had a little fellowship and birthday party (I turned 51 on that day). After eating a big meal and topping it off with birthday cake, I opened the birthday cards and a special gift from Pastor P. Mathew Henry (he truly is a gracious servant of the LORD), and we all sadly said our goodbyes.

After a twelve hour train ride and spending time in airports, I am writing this on a plane heading back to the states. It’s been a blessed adventure I’ll never forget!


Ponnur, India - March 9,10, 2005 - 47 saved - attendance 1000 +


     Putrella, India March 10 afternoon 10 saved - attendance 100 +

Visakhapatnam, India - March 11,12,13,2005 - total saved 184-   Attendance 1300+/1500+/1800+



                    These posters, measuring 16" X 21",  were plastered all over the city.

                           On a Mountain near the Bay of Bengal

(Left to Right) Pastor Milot, Pastor Michael Watkins, and Bro. Dan Cash